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Most of the factories are manufacturing shoes

Most items in the United States are from China. Walmart is a big fan.Someone will curious does most of people also buy shoes from china? Like replica Nikes,Adidas etc?The answers from people that have purchased shoes from china before will say yes,i think you will be one of them after reading this article,so reading carefully and think again,cause that is truth!
Biggest exporter:
At present, China shoes industry has presented industry cluster development status.In general, there are four industrial clusters.First,as the representative of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Guangdong shoe factories, mainly in the production of high-end shoes;Second,as the representative of the footwear industry base in Wenzhou,Taizhou,Zhejiang and other places,mainly the production of mid-range shoes;three are Chengdu, Chongqing as the representative of western footwear industry base,mainly producing girls shoes;Fourth, Quanzhou,Jinjiang, etc. as the representative of footwear production base, mainly producing sports shoes.

China is already the biggest exporter for footwear production and export capacity,and its worldwide influence is keep growing.
Biggest copies exporter:
A Chinese shoemaker says that every three out of ten pairs of athletic shoes sold in the world are fakes made in the southern city of Putian.Most of the factories are manufacturing shoes for prestigious brands, such as Nike and Adidas.There are so many shoemakers in Putian that it has been nicknamed shoe city.
There are typically three tiers for replicas shoes,normal,AAA,super perfect,and 1:1 quality.
If you are not misd what kind of quality shoes you get,i suggestion you can choose normal quality,it's good.But not good enough than AAA quality shoes which made with slightly better materials and often have much better cuts,but still use poor materials.

Super perfect shoes are essentially perfects with all the fixes,making them much closer to authentic look and quality.1:1 shoes is the best grade possible just same as original's top quality replicas shoes. Now i would like to recommend some of my favorites online store which are all convenient and significant compared to other great online store such like, again.You and me can buy direct from them online,it's easy and fun! Buy a shoe and post a review here.Take good photos so others in the sub can see what they'd actually be getting if they ordered the product.And many thanks if you share my articel to your facebook,twitter, google+ and to your other social media sites.

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