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Personal feelings about nike free running shoes

I've been running in Nike Frees since the first iteration of the 3.0 and I've been a fan since. I never really felt running did anything for me before, but less cushioning gave me a feeling of really getting a workout in my calves. I'm a light runner, averaging about 15 miles a week - my runs vary from 3-5 miles a day. Upper -These Nike Free 4.0 V2 are a dream as soon as you put them on.They combine the flyknit tech from the Flyknit Lunar 1 (or the slightly newer Flyknit 5.0s) into the 4.0 sole with the new hex pod outsole.The whole thing fits well like a sock - kind of.Like the other free uppers,it has a wide toe box which is wonderful,but it also grips your heel without all the internal padding.It's incredibly breathable.Another one of my favorite things is the flywire in the midsole.You can pull the laces as tight as you want for great midsole compression and lock down,or you can loosen them up for a more casual fit.The laces grip the flywire so you can customize where it compresses your midsole.

Outsole -I liked the idea behind the hex pods, but in practice I feel they are a bit more constraining than the previous square out sole on the 3.0 V5s or the Flyknit 5.0.They seem to flex a bit less right out of the box, but loosen up a bit more with time.One of the best features on this outsole is the rounded heel.It helps the transition to the midsole and should help reducing over striding as well as pushing towards a more mid-foot strike.As with the other Free outsoles,small rocks will get stuck in the grooves but you don't really feel them and you can get them out just by flexing it.Overall I'm a fan of this outsole but it took a bit of time to get used to the flexing action after running in my 3.0 V5's. Insole -The tag is in an annoying position out of the gate but you can tuck it under or slide in an insole from another shoe.It seems a bit more water resistant and less spongy compared to the 2013 insole. Fit -It fits true to size despite the flyknit having a reputation for fitting small. Do try them on because they are just a very slight bit smaller than true to size, but the upper is quite stretchy and the flywire and heel combo gives you good lock-in.

Overall -Nike Free 4.0 V2 is meant for road running (or possibly training),and I love it for that.It provides a bit more cushion than the 3.0 I was used to and brings the wonderful flyknit upper.Durability shouldn't be a problem as the outsole starts to flex a bit more and the upper stretches but doesn't get loose.I've ran in my 3.0's for around 300 miles and they're still presentable.The Free's new outsole is a step in the right direction with the rounded heel and thoughts to make it more responsive,though if you're used to the old sole expect a different feeling on the new design.This shoe also looks amazing if you're a fan of the flyknit and free look.This shoe only loses points from me for the lack of flex in the outsole. Maybe I'm too used to the 3.0's but my feet feel a lot less "free" in these.
Recommendations -
I'd recommend this shoe to casual and training runners looking to improve foot strength and running form.There's lots of conflicting thoughts on if this shoe is good for distances above your 5 or 7K, for instance if you need knee and ankle support these shoes aren't for you because the way these shoes are made is that they're so light and thin that they make you feel as though you're bare foot.but if you're used to barefoot running this shoe can definitely take you there.I would avoid this shoe if you're a heavier person just starting out to transition or minimalist shoes.This can be hard really hard on your feet and lower back if you don't have enough cushion - look to the 5.0 or the Lunar series that are incredibly comfortable and supportive also.You will figure out how much support you really needed with free running shoes.


nike free 5.0 shoes

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